Origin011 is a new body of work inspired by the complex web of relationships that exists between human beings and nature.

Origin011 has evolved from two previous creative projects
that have taken form around these themes: Origin09 & Origin010.

About the artist

Paul Evans is a visual artist based in Sheffield, UK.

His practice encompasses a variety of creative strategies including drawing, painting and animation. He uses these to explore the "poetic magic" of organisms and the complex field of relationships that exists between human beings and the natural world. He often works collaboratively, in series, or through installations and web sites that create connections between biological or abstract forms.

A drawing project by Paul Evans and invited artists.

Origin011 is the third in a series of ongoing collaborative and personal works that aim to explore the complex field of relationships connecting the human animal to the animal kingdom.

The Origin Series is documented via three interconnected web sites - navigate between these sites via the filing tabs on the top of the screen or internally via the diagrams.

Work is ongoing - some sections are awaiting activation.

Clicking on images may reveal further images, project sketchbooks or further documentation.

We hope that you enjoy your exploration of the Origin Series.

A drawing project
by Paul Evans and
invited artists


A selection of four from an original series of ten watercolour paintings with haiku 'titles' by Chris Jones.

Cells has constantly evolved through a process of editing or augmentation for exhibition and was reworked as a series of twelve for Origin010.


Life-sized drawing of Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus)

10m x 4.5m, graphite on paper

x-church, Gainsborough, February 2009.

Cetacean Subculture

Oil on canvas

Also - preliminary sketchbook drawings for Away from the Pod.

Drawing commission for Museums Sheffield.

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Away from the pod

Compressed charcoal on paper
5m x 3m
Millennium Galleries, Sheffield, 2012.

Rowena Hamilton pictured during installation of the drawing.

Photo courtesy of Museums Sheffield.

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Sketch for life-sized drawing of bowhead whale (Balaeana mysticetus) - to measure 10m x 6m.

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Concept and filming:
Paul Evans

Editing and production: Human

The Beast Within (sketchbook)

Preliminary sketches for a series of 1.5m x 1.5m drawings of human parasites.

Collaboration with Manchester University Faculty of Life Sciences.

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Lab Model

Oil on canvas

Also - preliminary sketchbook drawing in coloured pencil and graphite on paper.

There will be three paintings in this series: of a dog, a cat and a mouse.

All will be painted at approximately life size.

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